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Member of Bega Grup as a private company, Foraj Sonde Craiova offers onshore drilling for oil and gas industry, transport services and maintenance of drilling equipment.

The impressive professional background (60 years) and the strong experience (approximately 10.000 wells with depths between 400 and 7.000 metres) within the crude oil field recommended Foraj Sonde Craiova as one of the most serious business partners in this field.

Having all the necessary requirements, Foraj Sonde Craiova fulfills the condition criteria of the methodology of certification and has technical competence for activities connected with oil and gas extraction, executed in oil and gas fields on a contract basis: drilling, re-drilling, surface drilling, replacing, repairing and dismantling probes, cementing wells, pumping, plugging and abandoning probes, production samples for the beginning of probe production and other related activities; exploitation of mineral resources-ballast, gravel, sand, natural rock aggregates; drafting and preparing the technical-economical documentation for oil and groundwater.

Our employees have been especially trained and have acquired a wide professional experience while working on the drilling sites from abroad, in Russia, Algeria, India, Greece, Kuwait, Jordan, Ecuador, Cuba, Iraq, Venezuela.

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