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1952 - Bascov Drilling Company is being set up to perform activities in the South/ South-East part of the country. Volume of works: between 1985-2008, over 807 wells drilled (i.e. 1,217,775 drilled meters, of which 232,965 m for geological research).

1953 - Valcea Drilling Company is being set up to perform activities in the South-East part of the country. Volum of works 5,000 wells between 600 and 6,000 m.

1958 - The provision of drilling, mud and workover services marks the beginnings of Foraj Sonde Craiova and the oil industry in Romania.

1960 - Cementing, stimulation, coring and fishing services are added to Foraj Sonde's growing package of onshore integrated services. Acidizing services were introduced in 1962, fracturing in 1970, and sand control in 1986.

1964 - Foraj Sonde Craiova drills its first directional well.

1965 - 1968 - Foraj Sonde Craiova enters the international market by providing geophysical services in Ethiopia and Egypt and drilling services in India and Jordan.
So far, Craiova has provided services in 23 countries.

1967 - Zadareni drilling company is being set up with main purpose researching and exploiting the hydrocarbon deposits in the Plannoian Plain. Starting from 2005, the company is also exploiting the gravels in the Perimeter of Pusta lata, Arad county. Volume of work: 2700 shallow and average-depth wells, totalling 3,600,000 m.

1972 - Well testing is added to Foraj Sonde's integrated service package.

1988 - Foraj Sonde Craiova drills the deepest onshore well in Europe at that time, well Danciulesti - 6,047 m (18,443 ft).

1992 - Geoservice is added as Foraj Sonde's newest integrated service component.

1997 - Foraj Sonde Craiova is formed as a separate entity within the Bega Group.

2008 - Foraj Sonde Craiova completes the procedure of merger by absorption of the other three drilling branches around the country: Bascov, Valcea and Zadareni Drilling Companies. The international drilling division is being set up in Ukraine.

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